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Way before Facebook statuses, live tweets, and posting on the gram, I was part of the lucky few who expressed their emotions with a “buddy icon,” the grandfather of what we refer to now as the “emoji.” Little did I know, that creating these animated stick figures and posting them to my Geocities page would evolve to a career in brand management and marketing.  

Since then I have graduated from the buddy icon to website design and digital/print marketing. I have worked professionally and personally with numerous clients, ranging from Simon Business School to a local real estate agency. During that period, I also found time to get my B.S. in Biology from SUNY Fredonia and my M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Development from Medaille College. As you can see my interests are varied; this has helped equip me to serve clients in many different sectors.

I come from an extended family of artists, from my Grandmother Kay Mager who dazzled with watercolors, to my grandfather Henry Mager who was a great photographer always taking pictures of subjects seemingly unnoticed. It is through them I developed my artistic eye and love of the art world.

​Currently, I am the Associate Director of Marketing and Engagement at the Simon Business School. I serve as the  Chair for the Play Makers Leadership Council at the Strong Museum of Play and Co Chair of Emerging Leaders at University of Rochester. I also serve as the Director of Marketing for the Swillburg Neighborhood Association. have extensive knowledge in high scale marketing, user experience, customer satisfaction as well as branding and organizing specialized events - from intimate to large scale affairs.

My personal passions have also involved marketing and telling my story as well as other’s. I would love to help you tell yours.​



T. 716.474.0818

Joshua F. Jacobs
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